The Advantages of Cooking without Oil

Before starting to cook without oil, it is worth knowing the advantages of such food preparation. It is not only about following fashion, but above all about health. Excess fat in meals, many fried foods contribute to obesity and numerous diseases related to the circulatory and motor systems.

Maintaining optimal health and protecting the veins from fat is the first benefit of cooking without oil. The second is to significantly reduce the caloric content of the food, which gives you control over your weight. The third advantage is the elimination of excess harmful substances from the menu, which are produced by frying food products at high temperatures, for example, carcinogenic compounds.

How to cook without oil?

One of the most popular ways to cook without oil is to steam. We can use an electric steamer or a special pan for this purpose. The undoubted advantage of the steamer is the fact that we do not have to watch our food. All you have to do is place the meat, fish, vegetables and rice on each level of the device, set the clock and after about 20 minutes you can enjoy your meal.

The steamer is certainly a more economical solution, but it also allows you to cook food quickly without using oil. Steamed vegetables retain their natural color, flavor and texture, they do not lose valuable vitamins, micro and macro elements, which is worth taking into account, especially when preparing meals for children.

How can you fry without oil?

Frying pan + baking paper

Simply sprinkle the meat or fish with spices, wrap it in regular baking paper (or just put the paper in the pan) and «fry» it in the pan. There are also special fat-free frying bags made from baking paper.

How can you replace the oil?

Broth and other liquid substitutes

The fat added to the pan can be successfully replaced with broth ( more about broths and stocks ), and if we do not have time to prepare it, with spiced water, for example, salt, pepper, granulated garlic and celery, whose aroma resembles spices. You can also use salted water with finely chopped and stewed onions, garlic and even herbal tea or coffee beans to enrich the flavor.

What is the best pan for cooking without oil?

Teflon or ceramic frying pan

In theory, you can fry without oil in a good non-stick frying pan, but in practice it is sometimes necessary to grease the plate a little. You can successfully fry buckwheat pancakes in an inexpensive ceramic pan, they do not stick at all. This is especially true for the new but well-maintained frying pan.

What can I use instead of sesame oil?

Sesame oil can be replaced with a mixture of 1 cup of sesame seeds plus 3/4 liter of canola or sunflower oil or any other neutral flavored oil.

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