How Long Should a Tie Be?

To define the correct length or height of the tie, it is not important your height since this does not define it, because it is so simple that you should put the tie no longer, nor less short than the tip of the tie should be just at the height of the belt of the person who wears it. The only exception is when the suit is short, because the tie must be at the height of your navel.

How to measure the length of the tie?

This is a question that many people, both men and women, ask themselves. You only have to take into account that to measure the length of a tie, you don’t need to follow certain steps or procedures, just know that it doesn’t depend on your height, and that your belt is the reference point to know how far the tie should go.

How to wear a tie?

To give the correct use to the tie, we must remember that this is an accessory to highlight your presence and look more elegant than normal. They can be used in various environments not only work or parties.

For them you must follow these steps:

1. First and foremost, you must know how to make the knot you want.
2. The tie and the shirt should not be the same color.
3. You must take into account if the lapels of your shirt and suit are big, you must use a big tie, so that the knot goes according to the size of the lapels.
4. The tip of the tie cannot be over-tightened or shorter than the height of the strap.
5. Do not let the buttons on the shirt show.
6. It is recommended that you match the tie with a handkerchief.
7. Use a tie bar to fix the tie, so that it does not move.

If you take into account these recommendations of the use of the tie, you will stand out among all the others since you will look more elegant and your bearing will be more refined.

What are the measures of a child’s tie?

Generally the children’s tie has a measure, approximately 120 cm long by 6 cm wide, which can be used in children and adolescents of a height between the meter and maximum of 1.60 meters high. This tie is used mostly in children for communions, special events or formal parties. Similarly, it can be said that these ties can be used by women as a feminine tie.

How long is a man’s bow tie?

Generally, the average size of a man’s bow tie is about 12 cm wide and 60 cm long, although there are some bow ties that have some extenders both to reduce it and to make it longer. Similarly, we can say that the bow tie has an approximate size of 5 cm by 10 cm.

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