Biography of San José Sánchez del Rio

Within the religious and Christian world of the Mexicans, there has been a place for the child San José Sánchez del Rio. He was a young man who witnessed one of the cruelest persecutions that took place in the 21st century in his second decade.

Due to the martyr way in which he died, he was designated some time later as San José Sánchez del Rio. He came to belong to what was then known as the ranks of the Cristeros. His life was so consecrated that there was no room for things other than what his faith and devotion showed him, which is why he is still one of the most devoted personalities today.

Who was San José Sánchez del Rio?

San José Sánchez del Rio was known as a young man born in 1913, specifically in Michoacán, Mexico. This happened on March 28 of that year. This child also became known as a little cristero who answered to the nickname or pseudonym of «Joselito».

It was the government of the remembered Plutarco Elias Calles, who was in charge of launching the anticlerical laws, which resulted in the war and persecution that was established in the country in 1926. By the time this happens, the boy José was only about 13 and a half years old. This was the first fact that made the Catholic religion had to see suspended any kind of worship that could be performed publicly, because it was described in the new laws.

Life of San José Sánchez del Rio

It became known that in view of the events that were occurring, approximately 250,000 people enlisted to defend what they defined as the cause of God and his glory. Among these people also decided to be the small «Joselito», for it first decided to ask for permission to their parents to those who explained to them which were the causes that had made him think about this idea.

The idea of this child was to belong to the army of Prudencio Mendoza, who had decided that he would command different causes that moved those who at that moment were Catholic believers.
«Joselito», had told his mother that it had never been so easy to win the heaven as at that moment and that he was not ready to lose this great opportunity. «Joselito» died after being captured and shot.

Work of San José Sánchez del Rio

The greatest work that San José Sánchez del Rio did comes from his determination to fight for the Catholic religion and from his decision to go on the road to fight for freedom and for the glory of the king of kings. Although he died, everything he did served to make his cause a reality.

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