Biography of San Chárbel

Saint Chárbel or also known as Chárbel Makhlouf, was one of the most dedicated men to the priesthood of his time. He had, without a doubt, a number of gifts that made him a very special person. Some time later, it became known that his life was just a preparation for everything that would face an unexpected end, but that it would be necessary for people to have enough faith in him afterwards to ask him for the greatest favors that were later converted into great miracles.

Chárbel was born in Lebanon for the year 1898, specifically on December 24th. Afterwards, he had a life that was quite framed in what would be the service and in the monastery. He became known as an ascetic and also as an important Lebanese Maronite religious.

Who was Saint Chárbel?

The life of Saint Chárbel was very much touched by the tragic and the mysterious. A clear example of this is that only at the age of three, he was already an orphan on his father’s side, so his care was limited only to his mother’s orders. Chárbel’s Maronite sense comes from his stepfather, who after marrying his mother decided to become a monk, since he had been a devotee for a long time.

Later, we can talk about a Chárbel who also becomes a devotee and it is precisely that devotion that makes him become a Maronite monk, making his entrance for the year 1851. Thanks to this, he was called Brother Chárbel at the age of only 20. This was a very personal decision, although many people considered him influenced by his stepfather, a subject that he always clarified.

Life of Saint Chárbel

After receiving the three vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity, Karbel consecrates himself to the Lord, this he does at the age of 25. It was the year 1853, a date that would mark a before and after in his life. By the age of 31, he received what is known as full consecration or the sacrament of priesthood.
To those close to Chárbel, this was not something so striking, since since he was very young he always showed his interest in this world, being something he developed with true passion.

The work of Saint Chárbel

As for the work of Saint Chárbel, we can talk about various miracles that he was able to perform and that led him to be considered by many people as a true saint. Some of the names that resound most are: Nouhad El-Chami, Iskandar Obeid, Sister Maria Abel Kamary, Daphne Gutierrez, among others. It is even known that there are ribbons of miracles of Saint Chárbel.

In 1965, his beatification process took place. And it was in 1977 that the process of canonization was completed. It was always clear that this would be the end of Chárbel, since it could be seen that he was not an ordinary man.

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